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A fruits subscription for people who believe ethical sourcing doesn't have to compromise experience.

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Simple & easy

It is super easy way to get your favourite fruits.

Low-contact shopping

No visit to a mandi or a super market, so its a low-contact shopping. Be safe!

Easy Pricing

With no commission sharing with middle men, we bring you fruits at a price better than you imagine.

Freshly plucked

We pluck fruits just a day before shipping them, ensuring you receive fresh and healthy fruit with increased shelf life.

Premium grade fruits

Your subscription box will have nothing less than A-grade variety of fruits - no compromise in quality.

Price-rise mitigation

Even if there is any market price increase over the season, we stay committed to the price we offered you.

About us

We don't connect you with the farmers; we are the farmers.

O2H is a farmer-owned, farmer-managed initiative that promises to offer high-quality, local and sustainably grown fruits from our farms in the Western Indian Himalayan region.

We are a group of 27 ingenious, bearded, hard-working, third-generation farmers living amidst the mountains, shadowed by deodar trees. We produce a variety of fruits such as Apples, Pears, Peaches, Apricots, Nectarines, Plums, Kiwis and Persimmons, over 6 months of season every year.

From our farms, directly to your home, we aim to bring people together across the nation for healthier food, with no intermediaries.

How does it work?

Step 1:
Pick a subscription plan that works the best for you.

We have a range of options in terms of size of boxes, freuqency of delievery and total time (upto 6 mnths). You can choose a plan that suits the best and make a payment online through a secured payment gateway.

Step 2:
We pluck fruits from trees one day before shipping.

Each variety of fruit has a unique time for plucking and in each box, we try to mix the fruits that are ready to be plucked. We ensure that we pluck them just a day before shipping, to preserve the farm freshness when you receive them.

Step 3:
Get your fruits box delivered to your home.

We use a reliable carrier services to deliever each box every week or every month as you desire, straight from farms to your door step. We will share the tracking details for you to track shipping progress.

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At Orchard2Home, we believe our each box of freshly plucked fruits can make the world a better place.

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